Tuesday, March 22, 2011


After adding an additional medication for my depression, which had been acting up off and on since last fall, I've been feeling some renewed life in my mind and body for a few weeks now. As one who prefers not to take any medicine, I wasn't thrilled at first that I needed to add another one. But if the new combination improves the quality of my daily life, and therefore my family's, then gladly take it I will!

Signs of spring, highly anticipated, are slowly arriving! We saw our first robins a couple weeks ago and even more birds are showing up every day. Snow piles are finally gone. Longer hours of daylight. The trampoline is up and running. And the dog is tracking mud into the house if we don't catch him in time - not my favorite sign of spring!

We enjoyed a visit from Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) this past weekend. My mom and I sorted through and organized several boxes of their photos that they brought up. Especially fun was seeing some oldies but goodies from the 70's and 80's!  Always brings back memories and lots of "Oh, I remember that!". My muscles are still thanking me for a game of bowling on Saturday. Grandpa is a great bowler; the kids love to bowl with him. Isaac even beat Grandpa by one point on the first game with a score of 170! How's that for a 12 year old against a 40-year bowling veteran?

I've gotten into a much-needed whirl of scrapbooking since a cropping weekend away with three friends in February. I'm quite behind - I'm still working on 2006, but I'm making progress and am hoping to keep up my momentum on into 2007 and 2008. It feels good to be accomplishing something creative and productive!


Mom said...

It was so much fun to be with you all for a long weekend. We were also glad to see how much better you are doing.

Yes, the bowling was awesome! Especially Isaac - with several strikes and even 2 turkeys!!

And, can't forget about the Brussels sprouts!! Isaac and Aaron ate a LOT of them!


Sara K. said...

Good for you, Chris! Sounds like some good thing are happening around your neck of the woods. :)

Awesome that you got some time to do some scrapbooking (and I see that you use some Creative Memories stuff!) -- that "release" of being creative can really refresh a person!

And regarding "doing what you have to do" to improve the quality of your daily life, I really agree. I am struggling with that right now too -- fighting against healthy eating, actually -- because *I* want to indulge myself on Mochas! But they make me feel awful for days (lethargic, no vision for parenting, etc.). My homeopath wants me to eat 5 vegetables a day, and at least 2 of them raw! This is definitely going to be a challenge...

Glad to hear your snow piles are all gone!! Ours are getting a lot smaller, but we had just gotten dumped with another few inches about a week ago... Brandon was pretty crushed, and said, "Mom, I thought it was spring?!" Soon enough the warmer weather will be here!!

Chris said...

Sara - Give up Mochas?! no! :) I eat fairly healthy, but I've been trying to add more vegetables too, especially raw. It helps that my husband loves salads and fresh veggies. I had to get in the habit of keeping what I like in the house, so I can just add a few slices of something to each meal. It takes "practice" to make new habits, right?

Sara K. said...

YES! It takes A LOT of practice to make new habits!! Like you, my husband really likes salads and veggies -- yay! That is a blessing. :) So hopefully I can make a change -- for me, it'll be mind over matter. :)

Any tips on raw veggies that you like to eat? The only thing that really rings my bell is broccoli with Ranch dressing... oh, and bell peppers with hummus.