Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It IS coming, It IS coming ...

SPRING that is!

I do love winter, for a couple months anyway ...the quiet beauty of softly falling snow, a fresh white blanket of snow covering that makes everything look clean and calm, the beauty of bare trees branches reaching up into a clear blue winter sky ... But I'm officially over it now!

So yesterday I changed our computer background photo from a snowy picture to this, as a reminder that winter really will end.

(this photo was taken in Holland, MI at the end of April last year)

Come soon Spring!


Mom said...

Such a beautiful picture!! I am sure that everyone will be glad that winter is over when it actually happens. Quite a winter for all of the USA this year.

Thanx for this wonderful picture that YES, Spring is coming!! :)

sagerats said...

I just hope Spring hurries up and gets here! Beautiful picture to use for your reminder. Tulips are so fun!

Sara K. said...

I love it! Yes, as the daylight gets longer, I keep telling myself, "Every day we're one step closer to spring!" Although, it's going to take a lonnnng time to melt all the snow we've gotten this year! And from what I hear, we're in for several MORE inches of snow this week! Yikes.... :) We're hanging in there, though! :)

My 5-year-old keeps asking when spring will be here (he wants to get back to playing in the sandbox and mowing the lawn), but then he realizes the snow will all melt and has an urgency to play out in the snow as much as he can! :) Kids! :)

Chris said...

Sagerats - Hi! Nice to meet you.

Sara - My kids too can't wait for nicer weather for playing out side too. And getting our trampoline set up again. I'm looking forward to them getting outside more too! Most of the time I have to "make" them go outside in the winter and then they do have fun once they get out. Hopefully there won't be too much more snow!