Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer in Michigan

A new header photo and font colors to celebrate the beauty of Michigan summers!

With the exception of some very cool, cloudy days and a few really hot days, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous up here in our area of MI this summer. Lots of clear, sunny, low-humidity days in the 70's - I personally couldn't ask for better.

Almost 2 weeks ago we spent a little time in Ludington on Michigan's west coast when we went to pick up Noah and Isaac after they had spent the week with some friend in the U.P. (Michigan lingo for the Upper Peninsula).

I'm usually not a beach-lover as I don't care for heat and crowds. But this day the air temp. was only in the upper 60's, so the beach was comfortable and not crowded.

I'm dying to get some Lake Michigan sunset pictures; but since the sun doesn't set until 9:30pm and we live an hour from the lake, it hasn't happened yet. Maybe when the sun start setting a little earlier. (I'm so NOT a night owl!)

And here are just a few more reasons people continue to live in Michigan and endure the long gray winters . . .

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Mom said...

Georgeous pictures, Chris! I see some of the ads on TV about Michigan and think of you and your pictures. Some of these fit right in!
I also LOVE your new header!! :)