Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Is Here!

Our first snowfall began last night, and by this morning we had around 6" - 8" of snow on the ground, with a little more coming off and on throughout the day.

(looking east toward our neighbors' yards; just after sunrise)

(Our cats love to be let outside immediately every morning. This morning, Hazel was a little confused - what's all the white stuff? Both cats were back in the porch waiting to be let in after just a few minutes!)

(Just yesterday, I was marveling that some of my potted parsley was still growing after numerous frosts. I don't think it will survive this snow cover though! In the background, in a flurry, is our strange dog, Chester, who LOVES snow and races around the yard frantically every single time it snows. I'm actually thinking about asking the vet. if there's something we can do or give him to calm him down; for at least the first hour after bringing him back inside, he kept pacing around, looking out the front window, and whining to go back out. It drives me crazy!)

(heavy snow weighing down branches on the big evergreen tree in our backyard)

(a close up of some of the branches)

Today happened to be the day I needed to go have a fasting blood test done; so I was out and about earlier than usual. Near the building with the blood lab is a walking trail. I had brought my camera with me, in case there was a good shot that I just couldn't resist.

We'll surely be tired of the snow come February or so; but for now, it's always exciting and so pretty! If I ever moved really south, I'd miss the snow. Even though it can be a bother sometimes, there's nothing like the calm, quiet beauty of freshly fallen snow.


Maisy said...

These are beautiful pictures, Chris.

Mom said...

Gorgeous pictures, again - as usual! I of course LOVE the barn picture on the top. I really think you should enter that in some contest. Maybe "Country" magazine?? I really like the background, too.

Mom said...

Just had to add another notation...
That is so weird with Hazel and Whiskers. As much as they love it outside, the snow must have really mystified them! Wonder how long it will take for them to get used to it. Of course, they are not very tall either, so depending on how much snow is out there could make a difference. :)