Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Goals

With homeschooling done for the year, I've made 3 goals for myself this summer.

Putting it in print will help keep me accountable, I hope!
  1. Extra, heavy-duty cleaning and organizing of one room or area of the house per week.
  2. Walk or exercise regularly - my goal is daily, but I'll be happy with at least 5 days a week.
  3. Try one new recipe a week from several cook books that I haven't had time to explore yet.
The cleaning and exercising are the most important to me.  Dealing with depression and health issues on and off for several years made regular, consistent exercise an impossibility, and anything beyond basic survival-mode cleaning usually didn't happen.  I have muscles and a house long-neglected that I aim to pay a lot of attention to now that I'm feeling better.

I still have to keep boundaries in place to keep from over-doing things and exhausting myself. But I'm hopeful that my health will allow me to meet my goals as much as possible. Wish me luck! 


    Sara K. said...

    What great summer goals! Doing heavy-duty cleaning in one section of your house per week is a manageable goal... and kind of inspires me!! :) Oh yes, and the exercise goal too... I used to be so good about walking every day with my boys (as long as it wasn't raining).... but I think I've gotten lazy or something... I seriously think something happens after you turn 40...

    Thank you for being "transparent" about your health struggles, Chris. I am so sorry you've had to deal with both of those issues -- but glad to hear you are feeling better! I have had similar health issues to you in the not-so-distant past.... thyroid issues, fatigue, sluggishness, not sleeping well, and brain fog (although not fibromyalsia)... NOT FUN. Is it any wonder we can be so hard on ourselves, thinking we're not measuring up to the standard -- when in reality, our minds and bodies are out of balance. Thankfully, I too found a natural health practitioner -- found out I had aluminum toxicity (yikes!), so we were able to take care of that -- and now supporting my adrenals primarily. Feels good to be "in balance" again!

    Good for you for keeping boundaries, too! I'd enjoy hearing a "report" sometime of how things are going with you goals, too! :)

    Maisy said...

    WOW! These are excellent goals, Chris! It kind of inspires me to make some goals too. I've just been living day to day it seems. But, you should see my calendar. lol Hardly an unmarked day on this summer.