Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Snow is Always Smoother . . .

 * This is a re-post from January 2009. I liked it then and it's still true now, so I thought I'd share it again! *

You know what they say -

"The snow is always smoother on the other side of the fence". (Don't they?)

Here's a picture I took today over the fence, of our next door neighbor's back yard:

And here's a picture of our backyard:

Our neighbors are in their early 60's and their children are grown and out of the house. Their backyard looks peaceful and serene. Our yard doesn't. Our yard has obviously seen lots of activity - trampled on over and over again by 3 boys and a dog. Some days I look over the fence and envy the calm.

I know, I know; some day our yard will look like our neighbor's, and I'll eventually find myself missing those footprints all over the back yard . . .

But still, for now, can't I sneak over the fence and live over there every once in a while?


Pam B. said...

I love it! That's so true. I missed that one the first time around. Thanks for reposting! (That's one way to take the posting pressure off!) -Pam

Nancy said...

Ha! I know what you mean, peaceful, undisturbed snow is absolutely beautiful. I'm thinking if you can see your neighbor's beautiful yard AND your well-played in yard, you've got the best of both worlds. Enjoy!