Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's the Future, Mom!

Driving in the car with Aaron (7) today, the low gas light came on with a beep, which Aaron recognizes. He said "Uh Oh! We need gas!"  I told him that Dad would get it later, because he has the gas gift card. I have a dislike for filling the van with gas, so I love that my husband usually does it for us.

I asked Aaron if he will get gas for his wife when he's married. He replied, "Yes, I will!  BUT, there might not be gas anymore! It will be the future!"  Cute.  Also cute, by the way, is how he likes to make faces of his letters:

In other news, we are expecting a foot or more of snow tonight and tomorrow. We're excited!  It's been a mild winter here in our part of MI, precipitation-wise. Several storms has stayed south of us. So we're ready and waiting for the Big Storm to actually materialize and give us some real Michigan winter weather!


Mom said...

How cute!! Aaron certainly is picking things up around the house with his dad and older brothers! He is right - there may not be much gas in the future.

I do have to tell you, when I first saw the title of your posting, I thought you were referring to me - Mom - not you as a Mom. I really laughed about that when I saw what you wrote. Of course, you are a Mom - and a very good one, too.

Love, Mom

Mom said...

Oh, I also really LOVE his picture on the "e." He is so clever - must take after you!! :)

Love, Mom

Sara K. said...

I love the face Aaron drew on the letter "e"! Very cute!!

As for snow, I hope you all enjoy your heavy snowfall! It's so pretty... especially if you don't have to go anyplace. :) It's interesting to me that you are having a mild winter in MI this year. In Minneapolis we have gotten over 60" so far this season! I think I heard this will be in the Top 10 snowiest winters in MN. :) My boys are loving it!

Maisy said...

Aaron is so fun! Love his letter e! Looks like an alien eating "e." Janet

Sara K. said...

Oh my.... I just saw the weather reports for the nasty snow storm in the eastern part of the country... are you guys getting hit pretty hard?

Christina S. said...

Adorable! I used to make faces from my letters, when I was a kid too!

Stay safe in the storm!