Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol Top 7

It's Disco Night on AI - Overall I enjoyed it more than I had anticipated for a disco theme.

First up was Lil, but I missed it because I was still in the bathroom rinsing out my semi-permanent, light golden brown hair color (if you must know!) But from the judges opinions, it sounded like I didn't really miss much with Lil; same kind of thing as the past several weeks.

Second - Kris, singing She Works Hard For the Money. I loved it! He did a great job with this really cool, different arrangement. He gets better each week.

Third - Danny, singing September. He also did a great job with an interesting arrangement. It had some unexpected moments, which made it even more fun! I really liked it.

A little interruption to say that I am in awe of people who can take a song that's been heard a thousand times, and change it up, and make it sound different and new. That's quite a talent, I think, a natural gift.

Fourth - Allison, singing Hot Love. She sang it well, but it was a little weird and edgy for me; not my favorite of hers. (Wow - those are some shoes she's wearing, that I'm not planning to run out and buy any time soon! She's almost always wearing something to comment about!)

Fifth - Adam, singing If I Can't Have You. I was all prepared for some wild, crazy DISCO arrangement, but he surprised everybody again and made it slow and mellow. He's amazing too, like Danny and Kris, at arranging songs. His vocal was really good, except his high notes sounded a bit screechy, as usual.

Sixth - Matt, singing Stayin' Alive. The most true disco sound of the night. He tries to change songs and make them into his own style too, but I don't always like his arrangements. Tonight's was okay, he looked like he was having a good time, but not my favorite of the night.

and Last - Anoop, singing Dim All the Lights. He seems to be getting more confident and comfortable each week, and his voice is sounded so clear and strong. His performance wasn't horribly exciting, but it was well done (except for that one note right toward the end). I hope he doesn't leave yet.

Two leave tomorrow night. I think Lil, Matt, and Anoop will be the bottom three; and I hope that Lil goes home - the others are just better than her.

My prediction for the final four is Kris, Danny, Allison, and Adam. We'll see. There's almost always a surprise in the last few weeks, so you never know . . .

I also have to add that I agree with Randy saying that this is a really talented group this year. Some great vocalists, and great "artists", which makes it very enjoyable to watch.


Smoochiefrog said...

I'll agree with your final 4 and your bottom 3. Now if just Anoop and Lil could go home, it'd be perfect!

Nancy said...

What did you think of the results show? I was shocked at how they so quickly told Lil that she was eliminated. I was like Wow! That totally shook things up. Especially when they didn't show her goodbye video right then either.

And oh my word, didn't you just cringe at those Disco ladies? It was almost painful to watch them trying to strut their stuff.

I was really unimpressed with David Archuletta's song too. It was all just kind of weird for me.

Chris said...

Nancy - I was surprised too that they eliminated Lil right away; but I had missed the first several minutes, so I thought maybe Ryan had already said they'd be doing the first elimination soon. weird. I was too late to see the group song also.

I was a little surprised that David A. didn't look any older than he did last year! Still that baby face! I missed most of his song too, because we had suddenly thought our dog was "missing"! We finally found him stubbornly refusing to come in from the back yard because he'd found (or contributed to?) a dead baby bunny. Sounds like something that might happen around your house!