Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol - Final Four

Rock Night

Oh, brother, I'm not real big on Rock (except some of the really early stuff), so I was anticipating not liking tonight's show all that much. I was expecting Adam and Allison to shine; and that's pretty much what happened. And Slash as their mentor? Oh, boy. That's some hair he's got! I had never heard of this guy before tonight; that's how much I know about Rock.

Adam - Whole Lot of Love (Led Zeppelin) - He was in his element tonight. He was obviously excited about tonight, and I think he performed well. But truthfully, I hated it. Screechy, loud, and painful to watch.

Allison - Cry Baby (Janis Joplin) - She's in her element tonight too, although I don't think she did as well as Adam and I didn't care for the song. I still can't believe she just turned 17; she sounds so rough and seasoned.

Kris - Come Together (Beatles) - He did a pretty good job trying to put his own personal twist on a classic Beatles song. I loved the middle section when some of the instruments dropped out. (And I have to mention, that he cracked me up when he said in the taped part that he almost peed his pants getting to play guitar with Slash!)

Danny - Dream On (Aerosmith) - He actually held his own for much of the song, there were some really good moments, but the screaming at the end? Oh, Danny. I think he should have picked another song, but he was obviously trying to stretch himself.

The Duets - I really liked this new idea; I love duets! They were fun to watch. My opinion is that Danny & Kris had better harmonizing (I especially loved the awesome acapella part), but Adam and Allison had a better overall performance; if only because they were so comfortable in tonight's theme.

By the way, it seemed a little unfair that they put all of Danny and Kris's performances in the middle together. Adam (and Allison) got to be in the coveted first and last spots.

All in all, it was my least favorite night of the season; too loud for this 40-something, conservative mom! I think possibly Allison and Kris will be in the bottom two; but I really don't have a prediction of who's going home.


Sherri's Southern Style said...

HI! Thanks for stopping by! I completely agree - Adam screams too much for me. Wasn't Danny's best performance, but I still LOVE HIM and would like to see him win, despite the fact that I think the Judges are pushing Adam.

Lynn said...

I'm hooked on American Idol, but gotta admit, I agree with you -- rock? not so much. I've never heard of Slash, either. And it didn't seem that fair to me to make Danny and Kris sing in a genre that so clearly favors the other two. But then again, they all had to do the Rat Pack songs a week or two ago, and I'm sure that wasn't exactly Adam's or Allison's thing . . . but I'm really pleased with the final three. There are some talented singers there! And the last few who have gone home were super talented, too. It should be a grand finale!