Monday, May 25, 2009

What Happens When Friends Come Over and the Guys Get Bored . . .

We enjoyed an awesome afternoon and evening Saturday getting together at our house with 2 other couples that we've known since college. We don't get to see each other very often, so there was much to catch up on.

The kids took off to bounce on the tramp, play video games, and play with Legos. The adults spent some time together, but eventually, the other 2 ladies and I wandered to the other room to look at scrapbooks and talk, and talk, and then talk some more.

The guys, left on their own, started to get the itch to do something other than sitting around talking. The TV went on. There was a little channel surfing. And then Rashed happened to mention something about how we'd gotten an estimate for having the tree in our backyard trimmed, but didn't have it done because it was too expensive. Next thing you know . . .

("Brian started it!" which, if you know Brian, is no surprise at all)

And now the boys have had something new and interesting to play with the rest of the weekend!

The weather's been absolutely beautiful here all weekend; what a way to start the summer. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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Mom said...

What a GREAT bunch of friends you made in college! That is so cool!! Glad they enjoyed themselves - and of course, the boys, too! :)