Friday, September 25, 2009

Play With Your Food

This is what you can do with odd-shaped produce from your garden:

This little guy was supposed to be a cucumber, but he turned out looking sort of gourd-like with a narrow nose! The eyes are black-eyed peas.

We found the book "Play With Your Food" by Joost Elffers several years ago. There are other books by the same author like "How Are You Peeling?" with all types of produce showing all sorts of emotions. "Food for Thought" is another favorite, which teaches shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and opposites. Some of the animals, faces, and characters they come up with are amazing!

Here's another one we did a while ago:

nice hair!

Sorry, Mom & Dad - I DO let my kids play with their food! (sometimes)


Nancy said...

Those are great, Chris! I bet playing with his food has really paid off for Joost Elffers!

Mom said...

That's okay! It IS fun! Wish we had known that back when you were little.....
Love, Mom