Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Mr. Kindergartener

I was going to title this "Little Mr. Kindergartener", but we've been telling Aaron that he's a big boy now and has to "do school" like Noah and Isaac.

So far, he's learning letter sounds, what each letter looks like, tracing, matching, coloring, cutting & pasting, and - he loves Math! Isaac randomly started teaching him things like "2 + 2 = 4" last year. Now Aaron can add almost any number up through 10, without me even "teaching" it. Easy for me! I've also been reading lots of books to him. Next, we'll start with learning to write his name and letters and numbers. He really resisted that last year, so hopefully he'll be ready for that soon.

Another favorite activity since preschool days - playing with dry beans. Counting, sorting, measuring, pouring, and making a mess.

He's also proudly able to design very interesting Lego creations all on his own, and assemble new Lego sets with minimal help. That's not typical Kindergarten curriculum; but we call it Pre-Engineering.

And that, folks, is what Kindergarten looks like for Aaron so far. Tough stuff! Don't you sometimes wish you were back in kindergarten?!

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Mom said...

I never went to kindergarten; they did not have it where I started school. He really does amazingly well with his Legos. He has a great career ahead of him some day. Hope I get to enjoy it! :)