Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weird Fruit and other Weird Sightings

Do you ever notice some of the strange and/or interesting types of fruit that show up in the produce department at your grocery store? My husband and boys are always very intrigued and feel compelled to buy it, bring it home, and check it out.

Last week, Isaac noticed something new. It's called Dragon Fruit. Also known as Pitahaya or Pitaya Fruit, it's common in Southeast Asia, Mexico, Central and South America, and Israel we discovered after looking it up on the internet. They come in a few different types, the kind we bought was the white variety:

This is what the inside looks like:

It looks almost kiwi-like with the little seeds, and you can scoop out the white fruit with a spoon, kind of like melon. But we found it to be fairly flavorless; not too interesting. To this family of fruit connoisseurs, we don't think it was worth the outrageous price of $3.49. It sure is pretty though!

Another weird sighting around our house (which happens often with 3 boys) . . . Yesterday I found Isaac and Aaron standing by the slide of our swing set, intently watching something and yelling "go! go!" like there was some kind of race. I went out to find that Isaac had spit on the slide, and they were waiting to see how long it took for the spit to reach the bottom of the slide! gross. (but of course, I still had to run inside and grab my camera!)

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Mom said...

What crazy things your boys find to be amusing!! Thanx for a good laugh! (Oh, I am talking about the "race" and not the fruit.) :)