Monday, October 5, 2009

Stop That Bus!!

I'm having a "Wait! Stop that yellow bus, and take my kids!" kind of homeschooling day . . .

I'm not feeling well from some sort of respiratory bug that I've had for a few days now. Isaac and Aaron have been arguing and fighting this morning, mixed in with Aaron screaming because he doesn't know what else to do when his older brother won't do what he wants!

After giving myself a time-out in my room (with a locked door!) for several minutes while feeling sorry for myself that I have to deal with 3 children while sick, I finally came back out, got everybody separated, and somehow calmed down.

Next, I spent a half hour trying to help Noah with Algebra problems that he got wrong from last week, resulting in both of us getting frustrated because we couldn't figure some things out. I declared math over for the day, and then watched a 30 minute history video with the older two boys while letting the Aaron play a computer game.

Now I'm worn out and need a nap; so I decided that after lunch, the boys will have a puzzle/game day for the rest of the day. We do that from time to time, about once a month, for a change of pace, or if Mom really needs it!

And then, praise the Lord, I remembered a Leapster electronic toy that a friend had given us about 2 years ago that was too complicated for Aaron at the time. I dug it out, Noah and Isaac searched around for batteries, and amazingly, Aaron is completely engrossed in it and will hopefully stay occupied with it for quite a while so he doesn't bother his big brothers while I take a nap. After I figure out what we're having for lunch . . .

Homeschooling can be great; but some days, I really do wonder why God thinks that I can do it!

(edited to add): After being sent to his room for a time-out twice for being mean toward Isaac, and then having a toy taken away for the day because he kept grabbing it from Isaac and Isaac yelled at him (all within about a half hour), Aaron started crying and said "this is the saddest day of my whole life!" He's not dramatic at all.


Mom said...

LOVE that last edited note! Poor Aaron....but at least he knows how to express himself!

Chris - we all have days like that. Some days are just worse than others. You are a great teacher and will continue to be. The Lord is with you through everything. I know you know that, but just a motherly reminder.

Love, Mom

Maisy said...

I agree with your mom. You seem a wonderful mom, and I just know that all days considered, you come out on top with your sweet spirit. God bless you as you continue to make a difference in the lives of your children. That, and get some chocolate. :)