Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Photos

Most of October has been cloudy, cold, and rainy here in MI; ruining those bright, clear, crisp fall days that I so love. :( So when there was a peak of sunshine and no rain early last week, we took some time away from school so I could get some photos.

Actually, we did fit in some school because we drove out to a friend's house in the country who has a beautiful property with a pond. Noah had to collect some pond water for a science experiment.

(clever Noah attaching a ladle to a rake handle with duct tape, to reach the bottom of the pond!)

(jars waiting for collected water, to be used for the micro-organism experiment)

(these were all at my friend's property that I try not to covet!)

(along a country road)

(another country road)

(tree reflection in a creek at a park near our house)

(creek again)

(bush that only gets noticed in the fall, on the side of our house that we rarely go!)


Maisy said...

These are beautiful pictures! I want to paint them.

Mom said...

They are awesome, as always! :)

The one that was a reflection in a creek I thought at first it was put in upside down! It was very clear!! Great job, honey.

Love, Mom