Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Field Trip - Part 1

This past Friday, we went on a field trip with a homeschool group to the Lakeshore Museum Center in Muskegon, MI.

It's a small museum, but it had some great exhibits that the kids enjoyed (and, it's free!)

Their favorite was the Science Center, lots of hands-on, interactive things to do:

Pan Pipes

pedaling fast enough to power the light bulbs

Tornado Simulator

experimenting with pulleys and weights

Anti-Gravity Mirror (or just a fun, funky mirror!)

Another exhibit showcased local Wildlife Habitat:


Run Bambi! Michiganders love to hunt!!

a fawn calming resting, too young to know about hunters yet!

And the Coming To The Lakes exhibit, showing what brought people to the area through the decades.

logging was one of the biggest reasons early settlers came to the area

what a early settlers' one-room log cabin may have looked like

archaeological evidence has shown that Mastodons once roamed the area

through the window of a typical local mercantile

My next post will be about my personal favorite part of the day; one of the historical buildings that are part of the Museum Center. But I figured this was enough photos for one post.

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Mom/Grandma said...

COOL!! I especially liked the mirror pictures! :)