Friday, October 22, 2010

Fabulous Fall

We are having an absolutely gorgeous fall here in Michigan!  The weather's been beautiful, the trees seem brighter than they have in a few years, and the color seems to be lasting longer. I'm just loving it!

Let me share some beauty with you!

Just have to note that the colors of some of these next several pictures are a little harsh because I took them in the middle of the day, which a photographer is "not supposed to do". But I had to get them when I could.

I'm so grateful that God gives us beautiful colors in the fall, and then also in the spring, to make up for the gray of winter!


Mom said...

GREAT pictures, Chris. God is truly awesome. Thanx for sharing these.
Love you,

Maisy said...

Just beautiful, Chris. I enjoyed looking at them, especially the ones with the white fences, and the one over the tombstones. Very contemplative.

Sara K. said...

Chris, these pictures are GORGEOUS! How awe-inspiring.... God-inspiring! :)

Anonymous said...

I found you through sweet shot Tuesday. Great shots. I think my favorite one is the tree-lined road.

Guiding Light said...

Found your site from Lessons Learned on the these pics! Have a wonderfully blessed day!