Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes I Envy My Dog

Dog's sure have it good!
They never have to clean or cook or do laundry or play endless games of "Sorry".
They are served food regularly.
They get to sleep whenever they want.
They are petted and told "you're so cute!" just by wagging their tail or sitting near you and looking up at you with their big eyes.
They get giddy just hearing the words "outside", "walk", or "eat".

But what I envy most is how they bounce awake every morning ...
Happy and energetic to face a new day.
Wiggling and wagging when they first see you.
Dashing joyfully outside as if it's the first time they've ever seen the back yard.
Running around the yard with abandon, sniffing intently for any new or interesting sights or smells.

Full of contentment and joy, without worrying if their nose is too short, or too long; or if they're having a bad hair day; or if they've gained a few pounds; or how much they have to do that day.

I'm glad that I don't have to eat the same dry "food" every day that's been sitting in a bag for months, or have to sit on command. But I could use a few lessons from them on contentment and joy!


Mom said...

Oh, how true, Chris. I LOVE this posting! In fact, I may copy it into an email and send it to a few people.

Love you lots,

Nancy said...

What a gorgeous dog! It's funny how much we can learn from our animals, isn't it?

Chris said...

Nancy - I know you've learned plenty from your animals too!

Mom - Oh no! Did I write one of "those" emails that people forward to everybody? :)

Mom said...

I haven't done that yet, but it is really cool!

I also love to get my "Chester fix" every day by looking at him. He is so adorable - and so cute!

Again, thank you for posting this.

Maddy Bergstrom said...

This is so cute aunt chris!!!!!!! i feel that way too..... except i don't have a dog... YET!!! i hope i can see you again soon!!!!


Sue LaRocca said...

Hey, Chris! How do you come up with this? This is so true of dogs, and you are right, we should learn a lesson or two from them!
That is a great picture of Chester!
Love you,

Guiding Light said...

I have an "Animal Antics" meme on Thursdays (today!) should join in the fun! Your dog is beautiful! Have a wonderfully blessed day!