Thursday, January 15, 2009

Meet the "Fam"

Besides me, our crazy household is made up of Rashed, my wonderful husband of 19 years, and our 3 sons, Noah (13), Isaac (10), and Aaron (5).

Rashed is fun, entertaining, outgoing, laid back, kind-hearted, and also does dishes and laundry. He spends lots of time with the kids when he's home. He's known for making up crazy games and activities for the boys, and doing odd "science" experiments with them.

Noah, our oldest one, is talkative, detailed, creative, a perfectionist, and determined (when he wants to be!) He loves video games, his Ipod, computers, and anything "techy". He's growing into a responsible young man, and is especially helpful to have around when something goes wrong with our computer and us old folks don't know what to do. He likes Weasels because they're clever, vicious, and sneaky.

Next is Isaac, our middle man. His name in Hebrew means "laughter" and for that he is so well named. He can be very funny and makes us laugh. He's also easy-going, caring, helpful, independent, creative, and interestingly clever. He loves video games, burning things in the fireplace, making strange noises, and Koalas.

And finally, there's Aaron, our little guy. He's a very busy, curious, confident preschooler. He is amazingly good at puzzles (even "regular" puzzles, not just children's puzzles) and likes swords, pirates, playing computer games, and loves to watch Nick Jr. And oh yeah, he still loves his blanket, a lot.

All 3 of the boys LOVE Legos. We have literally thousands of Legos in our house, and lots of time is spent, every single day, building and playing with them.

And before you think they're always as cute and clever and creative as I've made them sound, they're also known to be loud, stubborn, fight, argue, and misbehave from time to time, like any other normal kids. :) But hopefully I won't spend too much time dwelling on those situations on this blog!

There's also plenty of pets to go around - 1 dog, 2 cats, and 1 leopard gecko.

Yes, sometimes with all the noise and activity and animals, I feel like I'm in a zoo or at the circus. But it's home, and it's what God has given me to enjoy.

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