Thursday, January 15, 2009

Views of Winter

Last week, when we had some very rare sunshine, the boys went outside and attacked the snow "mountain" in our back yard. Rashed had made it back in December when we had tons and tons of snow, with the snow blower. After a few days of warmer temperatures, it melted some and condensed down into a hard pile of snow. So the boys had a great time digging and picking at it with some shovels and tools.

Earlier that same day, Noah sighted a beautiful cardinal perched in our front tree.

And yesterday, I captured a few pictures of icicles on our house, and in the evergreen tree that gets dripped on by the front corner of our house.

If we must put up with winter here in Michigan, I'm glad it's often pretty.

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Anonymous said...

You sound like a really "neat" family! I would love to live closer to you so we could see you all more. Your dog sounds very enjoyable. We had a Sheltie back when our kids were little. Chris - you sound like you would be a wonderful daughter! - But WAIT, you ARE our daughter! What a great idea you have here. I will be checking....
Love, Mom