Friday, January 30, 2009

Kids Say the Funniest Things . . .

And it can especially be funny when taken out of context. I've heard these comments lately:

"Birds can't be people's brothers!"

Isaac to Aaron, while playing with Legos, and Aaron wanted his Lego parrot and Isaac's Lego man to be brothers.

"Mom, is there anywhere in the house that I don't know about?"

Isaac to me, wanting to "explore" in our house - which is SO large that of course there are places in the house that he's never been before!? (also inspired by a Boxcar Children book we had just read in which the children explore their aunt's large house)

"Aaron, I'm gonna destroy some people; wanna watch?"

Isaac to Aaron, just before starting to play Runescape on the computer (an on-line video game set in Medieval times, which, by the way, my oldest 2 boys love and I have found to be harmless and surprisingly sometimes educational! - so it's not as bad as it sounds!)

They all say funny and interesting things, but Isaac sure has filled his quota lately!

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