Monday, February 2, 2009

More Winter . . .

I was going to title this post "More Winter" even before I remembered that Punxsutawney Phil already said it this morning. But I didn't need him to tell me that. All I have to do is look out the window at the piles and piles of snow, and look at the calendar, and I know. More winter - for Michigan, at least.

Other than the kids saying a few funny things, and me not feeling good for a few days, it feels like the only thing I have to post about is Winter. Since late November, we've only been able to see the ground maybe half a dozen days. Our high temp. in January was 36 degrees, which was just this past Saturday; overall it's been the 8th coldest January on record for our area in SW Michigan. We've had about 94" of snow this season so far; already well over our season average of 72".

At the beginning of the season, it feels so warm and cozy to all be inside the house together. But by this time of the year? Suffocating and crowded seems more accurate.

Our boys are not very big on playing outside in the winter. I force them out sometimes ("everybody outside for 15 minutes, or no computer time today!") and occasionally the older 2 will actually go out on their own. So I was surprised when they agreed to my suggestion to go sledding on Saturday (when the temperature was actually above freezing!)

I took just Noah and Isaac, and one neighbor friend. They lasted about one hour; during which I took several pictures, and then, like any good Mom would, retreated to the warm van to read (where I could still see them; I didn't totally abandon them!)

This past Friday, I also got out for a little bit (because Rashed had Fridays off in January due to cut hours at work). After having lunch by myself (just me and my book), I stopped at one of our local libraries to return and pick up a couple more books, and then I went to a local yarn store and bought a beautiful skein of hand-dyed yarn for a scarf. I've been wanting to make a scarf to match my coat for quite a while, but have had a very hard time finding anything to coordinate with the particular shade of green that my coat is, so I was excited!

Then I drove over to a small college campus in town to see if I could get a few good pictures.

Those cute ducks don't look like they have a problem with winter!

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