Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heat Wave!

Holy Cow! We made it up to 51 degrees today! That's about 30 degrees warmer than the average temp. we had in January. Unfortunately, all the boys have a mild cold and I'm fighting it too, so we've mostly been hanging out at home. But still, it's exciting to see some grass emerging from under the snow, and our driveway completely clear of ice and packed snow! (and piles of "gifts" from Chester all over the back yard)

Now, before this starts to turn into a weather blog, I'd better talk about something else.

I have a few posts I've been working on in my head, but haven't had time or energy to complete them. So for now, I'll post some pictures from a cropping weekend I went on a few weeks ago.

About once a year, 3 friends and I go away to one of the friends' in-law's condo (while they're traveling) and spend the weekend working on our scrapbooks together. There's also plenty of talking, eating, laughing, more talking, and the occasional watching of TLC or HGTV while eating or taking short breaks. It's always such a fun time away - enjoying each other's company, getting some pages done, and getting a break from our routines and responsibilities at home.

I didn't want to mention the weather again, but that's what their deck looked like!

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