Friday, February 27, 2009

Such exciting times . . .

It was mostly gray, cloudy, and rainy yesterday. Not very refreshing or cheerful for me, but Chester loved it! He loves running around in the rain. He looks sad in this picture because he knew I was going to dry him off and make him come inside.

After helping Aaron in the bathroom and flushing, I had to look inside the tank because it didn't sound right. Aaron was absolutely fascinated with all "that stuff in there!" He wanted to know what everything part did, which is not my expertise; so as soon as Daddy came home, Aaron excitedly dragged him to the bathroom so he could explain the fabulous inner workings of a toilet. Oh, the excitement of youth! (please excuse the dust clinging to the wall behind the tank!)

A cozy nap for Aaron and Hazel.


Chris's Mom said...

How adorable - all 3 of them!!! I just laughed when I saw Chester!! :) And who would think a toilet was "exciting?" Oh, boys......glad we only had one!!
Love, Mom

Chris said...

Mom - you always said that girls were easier to raise than boys, but most people I know disagree. I'd take boy noise and toilet interest over girl-drama and hormones any day! :)

Uncle Stevie said...

Well the truth comes out huh!! I'm glad to be that "only one"!!