Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meet Hazel and Whiskers

We've always been dog people. We've never had cats before. But last year, after Isaac kept asking and asking for a cat, we finally agreed. Then we heard from several people that we should think about getting 2 cats because they're less trouble if they have each other to play with. (good advice, we have learned)

So, we found 2 gray, short-haired sisters at a farm last June. Isaac had already named one Whiskers before we even got them. The other was eventually named Hazel. They were so cute and fuzzy and tiny when we first got them, at about 8 weeks old.

(if you look closely, Whiskers is in the background, under the grill!)

A few weeks later, after we learned that they had both fleas and worms, Rashed and I didn't think they were so cute and fun!

But after rounds of medicine and furious cleaning, we eventually we got all that cleared up and started to like them again. We also decided that they couldn't go outside anymore, which I don't think they're happy about. (besides which, as they started getting older, they were roaming too far and learning how to climb trees.)

We soon learned their personality differences. Whiskers is more moody, doesn't like to be held as much, and likes to be by herself. She also likes to eat and now weighs one pound more than Hazel. She also loves to sleep on Noah's bed, which gets the best sunlight.

Hazel is more relaxed and easy-going. She likes being held and even lets Aaron rest with her on the couch. But she's also the more sneaky and devious one. She likes running and dripping water in sinks, she likes to watch Jeffrey (Noah's leopard gecko), and was even found inside one of our nativity sets at Christmas.

Last fall, they discovered how to get up above the dropped ceiling in our basement. We're pretty sure Hazel instigated it first, but both have been caught up there.

(getting up into the dropped ceiling from the ledge of a basement window.)

(trying to get Whiskers down with a laser light)

(walking on the ceiling!)

crazy cats - they're definitely different than dogs, but quite fun and they don't bark!

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