Saturday, February 14, 2009

Legos and Marbles and Bikes, Oh My!

Things that have been happening around the house lately:

Lego men climbing up the vertical-blind chains

More Lego sets (bought with allowance money)

Marble races on our old, needs-to-be-refinished piano, which apparently is not exactly level

A scarf that I'm knitting

What? Could it be? Almost bare ground, and slightly green grass!

Tuesday was a spring teaser - 61 degrees and sunny blue sky. Later in the day, all the snow was gone except for some of the piles by the street and driveway.

Chester day-dreams of long summer days, in the company of his beloved stuffed blue bone which had been discovered again as the snow melted. He didn't care that it was soggy and dirty.

Noah and Isaac got their bikes out from the shed, where they've been hibernating for 3 months.

Noah did a quick tune-up (this picture is especially for Grandpa!)

Wheeee!!! Freedom!

Today - snow is back. Oh, well; we knew it wouldn't last . . .

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