Friday, March 12, 2010

From a 6 Year Old's Point of View

Although Aaron, at 6 years old, can certainly try my patience and sometimes irritate every cell in my body, he can also be hilarious and make me laugh.  A few humorous things he's said or done recently . . .

Tuesday night while watching a little bit of American Idol with me, I asked Aaron "do you think you could do that?"  (meaning sing in a competition like AI.)  He replied, "Yea, but I can't go right now, my knee hurts!"  (he actually does have some signs of a good singing voice.)

Aaron has a bad habit lately of hugging Isaac too hard in a way that resembles tackling more than hugging, which bothers Isaac, understandably!   One day after Isaac not-very-gently pushed Aaron away after repeatedly asking him to stop "hugging" him, Aaron got mad and yelled "You just lost a LOT of love!" with his arms stretched out wide to represent just how much love!

Last Saturday we had a great time with our homeschool group, enjoying our own version of Winter Olympics.  One of the competitions was snow ball making.  The Gold went to the person with the biggest snow ball after one minute.  Aaron was so proud of his that he carried it around in his arms for a few minutes and then, after posing for a picture, told me "let's go put this in the van now, to take home!" 

I love the innocence of youth, and how small things are so important.  Wish I could have some of that back sometimes.


Mom said...

Yep, that's my Aaron!! Did he win the Gold? Probably not, or you would have said so. Carrying it in his arms sounds pretty big.

His innocence is adorable! Tell him "Grandma loves you, Aaron!"

Love, Mom

Mom/Grandma said...

Oh, also, for anyone else who may read this - Aaron DOES have a great singing voice - and On Tune, too!! Wonder how God will use that talent of his some day....

Love, Grandma

Maisy said...

Aaron is also one of the most thoughtful kids I know. We were all moved when Aaron came to deliver Owen a little bag of marshmallows and a hot cocoa mix package....complete with the recipe on how to make hot cocoa.
We still have the recipe card, and Owen deligently uses it each time we make it.
Because you make your kids #1 in importance and value, they pass it along to others. :)

Chris said...

Mom - I'm interested also to see if Aaron develops his talent as he grows older - right now he usually won't sing "on demand"!

Maisy - aw, thanks for your kind words about Aaron! Owen's so thoughtful too!