Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SPRING ! ! !

I can't believe that just 2 weeks ago we still had several inches of packed snow on the ground, which took a week of temps in the upper 40's and then a couple days of rain for the snow to disapear.  Now that we've reached the 50's for a few days, it's finally feeling like spring.

Everything is waking up and coming out of hiding.  People are out taking walks, it's staying light out later, birds are chirping happily, bikes and scooters have emerged from the depths of the storage shed, and our cats have been allowed out again.  They're having a blast exploring again.

I love how spring makes everything seem new.  It makes me feel victorious for making it through another long winter.  The gray, dark, cloudy winter days make the bright spring days seem that much brighter!  The darkness has gone, the sun is shining; time for a new season and new possibilities!  (and a new blog background!)

Happy Spring!


Mom said...

Yahoo!!! Our bulb flowers are up about 7 or 8 inches now, too. Then they are predicting some snow flurries for this weekend.... Oh well, just a reminder. Thanx for this posting! :-]
Love, Mom

Maisy said...

WOW! Are these pictures from your yard??? They are so clear and beautiful! I really need to get taking photography lessons from you.

Chris said...

Janet - these 2 photos were from Meijer Garden last spring. I WISH they were in my own yard! :)

maddy said...

hey aunt chris its becoming spring in illinois too! i have been outside a lot because its warm and im starting to see flowers too!!! i cant wait untill spring break im so excited

hope to see you soon
love you! maddy:) <3