Thursday, March 18, 2010

Messed Up Title Box

**  Fixed!!  And grateful that my 14-almost-15 year old son could help me figure out how to put a newly designed title in the new header!! Thanks Noah!

Well . . .  I changed to a new spring background yesterday, and a new title box (called the header), which were free from  But now I can't get the Blog Title to center in the middle of the Header.

Looks like I still have some spring cleaning to complete on my blog, so please ignore the odd-looking Title Box until I figure out how to fix it!  

And if you happen to know how to help me, please comment!  thanks.


Mom said...

Yeah, Noah!!! :-]

Maisy said...

Can I borrow Noah????? lol
It looks beautiful, Chris!

Nancy said...

Love your new Spring design. And kudos to your son for being able to help you figure out the header. What a great skill!

And thanks for the comment on my post about things I've learned. I think you should post what you learned as your own entry. That was good stuff, girl. It deserves to get out of the comment box and into the blog entry box. :O)

Chris said...

Nancy - thanks! I think I will do my own post about what I've learned from homeschooling. Once I got writing my comment on your post, the thoughts just started to flow!