Monday, April 19, 2010


Our dog Chester is having a 6-night sleepover with his friend Pharoah.  Well, perhaps calling them friends is not exactly accurate.  Chester is a little annoyed with having another dog invade his territory, but they're getting along better than they did the first day.  Maybe by the end of the week they will be friends!

Don't they look like they could be related?  Chester is the smaller one.  Pharoah lives up to his name and is the larger, grander one.  We love Shelties; they make great pets!


Mom said...

Boy - I sure did a double-take when I saw that first picture!! Almost looks like Jocko! Remember how long it took Chester and Buddy to finally come to some sort of friendliness in TN? I am sure Chester and Pharaoh will be friends in a couple of days.
I love it!! :)
Love, Mom

Sara K. said...

Your Chester is a beautiful dog. I love Shelties! We had one when I was growing up... her name was Dixie, and she was the BEST dog you could ever want. My dad always said she was so good natured, she'd probably lick the hand of a burglar. :)

Maisy said...

Beautiful Dogs! Reminds me of the retreat I'm going on for 4 days. I hope I can get along with my roommates at least as well as Chester and Pharaoh.