Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday 4/27

Veldheer Tulip Farm, Holland, Michigan.

Tulips are ablaze all over town in preparation for Holland's annual Tulip Time Festival starting this weekend. 

There were so many beautiful places around town, full of tulips in every color of the rainbow, that I was almost giddy snapping away with my new camera.  I took over 100 photos, making it hard to choose just one for Sweet Shot Tuesday, so here's one more!  I'll be posting additional photos in another post soon.

See more great photos at Life with My 3 Boybarians.

Sweet Shot Day


Sarah said...

Tulips are my all-time favorite flower! Beautiful!

Coneflower Ranch said...

So beautiful! Thank you for your kind words over on my blog!

Dawn Farias said...

Oh, I love it!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting today!

Maisy said...


Wendy said...

Wonderful shots! I have a old picture of 2 year old me standing in front of tulip fields in Holland MI much like your first shot!

Have a beautiful day!

Irritable Mother said...

Ah, that's beautiful!!!

My hubby grew up in Holland, but I've only been to Tulip Time a few times. And we won't make it over this year, either.
So I have to find my enjoyment in your pictures, and the handful of tulips outside my house.
A few of them are getting their color...I'm trying to be patient. *grin*

Darcy @ m3b said...

We go to a similar Tulip Time each year in Pella, IA. The whole town has embraced the Dutch village feel - makes it such fun.

Congrats on your new camera!

Uncle Stevie said...

Nice pics Sis! I really like the 'ripped' tulip - it's a flower that has style, kinda. C'ya soon!

Chris said...

Thanks for the kind comments, everybody!

Steve - I loved those pink ones with the white jagged edge too; my favorite! I heard they're a new type.

Karen - you may know this since your husband's from Holland, but if you really want to enjoy the tulips themselves, go the week before Tulip Time. Less crowded, and the tulips are often past peak during the Festival. I've never been to the actual Festival activities either!

Wendy - My family (from IL) vacationed in MI once when I was a child, and we have some photos of us in Holland too, though not at tulip time. I never imagine I'd be living nearby when I grew up!

Chris said...

Darcy - I am enjoying my new camera already, but I'm overwhelmed trying to learn the manual settings! I think I'm going to find a class.