Friday, April 9, 2010

God Delights In Us

Have you ever watched a child, completely engrossed and involved in some activity or thing that they love?  Perhaps they're marvelling over an interesting bug, or jumping for joy on a trampoline, or dancing, or getting caught up in a good book.  They're so focused, intent, and just plain enjoying themselves.  Without any guilt or feeling self-conscious about it.

It doesn't matter if the activity or object of their attention is of great importance to the rest of the world.  It doesn't matter if anything is being "accomplished".  What's important in that moment is that they're simply Being and Doing - just being themselves.  It makes me smile, and gives me joy to watch that.

Don't you think that God feels the same way about all of us?  Don't you think that God enjoys watching us, His children, just be ourselves?  It's easy to feel, as an adult, that our day is supposed to be filled with the tasks that we need to do, responsibilities we have, things that just have to get done.  And practically, there is much that we need to do each day.  God must also delight in seeing us responsibly fulfill the work He's given us.

But how often do we allow ourselves to simply do something that we really enjoy?  Something that makes us happy and is part of who we are?  Without feeling guilty. Without feeling that that we're wasting time. Why do we feel guilty if we take a little time away from responsibilities to do something that fulfills us?  God created each of us just as we are.  He specifically gave us our individual interests, skills, personalities.  It's not God's character to give us a particular interest, and then discipline us or be disappointed in us when we partake in it.

Apart from sinful or indulgent or harmful behaviors of course, I think that when we dive wholeheartedly into something that truly interests us or gives us joy, God delights in watching it.

I love photography.  Sometimes I head out on a nice day or after a fresh snowfall with my camera to try to capture some good shots of God's beautiful creation.  I sometimes feel so compelled that if I don't get some pictures, I'll just burst!  Who gave me that desire? Aside from doing it too often, to the extent of completely ignoring my responsibilities, aren't I fulfilling God's purposed design in me?

What do you love to do that God delights in watching?  Do it today!  Enjoy it!

I'm going to go outside now and try to get a good picture of the big, fat robin hopping around our back yard.


Sara K. said...

I wondered if you might be into photography! You have a lot of great pictures posted on your blog -- very enjoyable to look at!

I got teary-eyed when I read your comment, "Don't you think that God enjoys watching us, His children, just be ourselves?" Oh, that He enjoys me for just being ME -- since He IS the One who made me!

I do agree with you -- God gave each of us interests and talents, and surely He wants us to use them and enjoy them! I'm going scrapbooking tomorrow -- no guilt about leaving the kids home with Daddy, right?! :)

Mom said...

Right, Sarah!! :}

Chris - you still amaze me, with all of your insights and observations. It is truly a blessing to be your mom.

Sarah - by the way, I graduated from North High School in Minneapolis - a long time ago - 1959. We really enjoyed living in Mpls. My dad was a pastor there. I came down to IL to go to college and then have just stayed here since then. Chris is our second daughter, one of twins. I enjoy reading your entries here, too.

Let's see - I like to read and sometimes just go for a ride.

Thanx, Chris, for sharing with all of us.

Love, Mom

Irritable Mother said...

"Without feeling guilty."
Oh, that can be a hard one!
But you have pointed it out so clearly. If God made me to love certain things, why wouldn't it delight Him to watch me doing that thing? Being who He created me to be?
Right on, sister!
Tonight I would like to delight Him by enjoying a game with my kids. I'm hoping they'll all, uh, be 'game' for my idea! *grin*


Sara K. said...

Chris - you have a twin sister? Very interesting! And I'll bet having a grandfather who was a pastor was pretty special.

Chris's mom - Hey! A native Minnesotan! We live in a suburb on the south end of the Twin Cities, near the Minnesota River. Thank you for introducing yourself! :)

Chris said...

Sara - Yes, I have a twin sister, but sadly, she has gone home to heaven. She passed away in 2005 from skin cancer . . .

I wrote a little blog post about her here:

It was very fun being a twin!

Sara K. said...

Wow, Chris! You look exactly alike! (I'm assuming you were identical twins.) Your tribute to Cathy is beautiful... and your photography, exquisite once again. Made me get teary-eyed!