Monday, April 26, 2010

More Laughs from a Six Year Old

A couple more things that Aaron has said recently that made me laugh.

Yesterday he helped me make cookies (which are somewhat rare around here because they're too hard for this Mom to resist eating!)  While I was cleaning up, I turned from the sink to see Aaron licking spilled sugar off the counter, like a dog, which was funny enough!  But then he told me, "There was so much sugar that I couldn't even taste the counter!"

Later, he declared "I love cookies!  They're my favorite circle thing!"

He's also still calling pirates "Pie-Rips", which cracks me up every time.

Here he is, ecstatic after beating everybody at UNO!  What innocent joy!


Sara K. said...

Too cute! I love those kid moments! :)

Mom/Grandma said...

That's my Aaron! So glad you put those in here. Some day he will look back and laugh at himself - AFTER he goes through the teen years and says "Mom - why did you put that in there about me?" He is so adorable and innocent.
Love you, Aaron! <3
Love, Mom/Grandma

Maisy said...

So hilarious! What a happy child! :)