Monday, March 16, 2009

Signs of Spring!!

Ahhhh . . . the weather this past weekend was beautiful; upper 40's on Saturday and upper 50's on Sunday (I know, that still sounds cold to some of you southerners). But with a bright sun and clear blue sky, it was plenty warm enough for us northerners to enjoy some early signs of spring . . . . .

birds chirping

buds emerging cautiously

someone hammering

being outside without a coat

a woodpecker pecking

(woodpecker photo by Noah)

windows open for fresh air

the smell of meat on a grill

bike ride to the park

and, most importantly for some members of this family, the trampoline is back up!

I do have one question though - if the grass is still mostly brown and lifeless, WHY are there already green, healthy-looking weeds in our vegetable garden??!


Nancy said...

That is a GREAT question. One of the mysteries of life, huh

Uncle Stevie said...

I bet ya Dad knows why! :)

limpingalong said...

I've always wondered that myself!